Hi! I'm Viktor

I'm a Software Engineer from Latvia.
Sharing my learnings about software development and building products and services.

You can find me on the web:

My short story

šŸ‘Øā€šŸŽ“ I graduated from university in 2020 and have a Bachelor's degree in the Computer Science. I consider myself a self-taught developer since I learned most of the stuff outside of my studies. During my studies, I started to do a Freelance projects in the Web development and automating various web tasks using Python.

I got my first project from Fiverr in yearly 2015, it was a 5$ project to write a simple automation script using Imacros + JavaScript. YES, this is the first money I got from Freelancing it was very exciting to earn your first bucks on the internet. Back in the day, Imacros was a popular extension for Chrome and Firefox that was able to record simple activities in the browser. To extend Imacros abilities I used JavaScript for more complex scripts and since then I have moved to Python for creating more robust automation scripts. I wrote a lot of scripts for E-commerce websites, to parse products and upload them into a dashboard. Besides web scraping, I developed websites using WordPress at an early stage and build few websites using JS/JQuery and PHP.


Besides tech stuff, I like to run long distances. My longest distance is 21 km. šŸ’Ŗ I lift weights and trying to learn some basics Calisthenics moves. I used to play basketball and still love it, but haven't played seriously it for years.